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Create your own stretch and flex program

Date: Jul 13, 2020 7:17:36 AM | Author: Joel Schrage
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Often, people take action after injury or persistent pain. However, by being proactive and stretching regularly, you can prevent damage, release tension, increase energy and calm your minds.

If you have ever been to a physical therapist, chiropractor or any doctor for an injury, their first piece of advice likely is to stretch. Furthermore, they advise you to stretch regularly instead of pushing it off until the pain arises.

As people age, it is common to see a decrease in muscle and joint strength and condition. Through routine strength building and flexing exercises, you can mitigate muscle weakness and improve joint mobility. By conditioning your body, you can prevent injuries and alleviate ongoing aches and pains.

Seasonal weather can also affect your body. Cold weather restricts and tightens muscles and joints. Additionally, muscles need to work harder to stay warm in cold weather. By starting your morning with a stretching routine, you can warm-up your body and prepare for the day's activities.

Overall, stretching and exercising before work or any physical activity can help ease any sudden pulls, sprains or ligament damage. Take the time to find a simple stretch and flex program that works for you and make it part of your daily routine. It will help prevent a visit to the doctor and allow you to enjoy your free time without being sidelined with a muscle injury.

Here are some stretches to get started and add to your daily warm-up routine. 

wrist-stretchBend wrist & keep elbow straight. Hold for 30 seconds, repeat each arm.


neck-and-shoulder-stretchHold for 30 seconds. Repeat two times.


Shoulder-StretchHold for 30 seconds on each side.


Triceps-stretchKeep chin off of chest. Hold for 30 seconds, repeat each arm.


neck-flexionSlowly pull forward & down. Hold for 30 seconds.


forward-bend-stretchWith knees slightly bent, bend forward with arms hanging. Hold for 30 seconds.

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