Drone solutions
The real-time data you need to make more informed decisions.

 Harness the ability of drones to collect real-time data to help better understand what’s happening on your project site.


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Value-added uses

Why turn to drones


Building owners require project updates and stationary construction cameras have long been the norm in capturing site conditions and progress. However, they are costly and limited in scope. Drone photos and video offers flexible and customizable aerial perspectives and insights that stationary cameras simply cannot capture, and in a lot of cases, can do so at a fraction of the cost.


Common owner use cases:

  • Board of director updates
  • Promotional videos
  • Public awareness
  • Tenant sales
  • Future building views and site selection for development
  • 180- or 360-degree tenant perspective visualizations from each floor
  • Building models with neighborhood context

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Project portfolio
Skilled pilots to meet your needs

Kewaskum  Schools

The Kewaskum Middle/High School project involved the construction of a 92,890 SF middle school addition that connects to the existing high school. The new facility boasts numerous collaborative learning spaces, including a new tech ed wing that combines the shop classes with an open learning concept so that staff can teach students while others are working in the shop space. In addition to other office and classroom additions, a two-story collaborative learning area opens from an outdoor auditorium up to the library.

Marian University

The Dr. Richard and Leslie Ridenour Science Center Addition project called for the transformation of the existing 50+ year old science building into an open, student-focused learning center. The updated facility was necessary to accommodate growth in Marian’s STEM programs, such as biology, chemistry, forensic science and math. 

Secura Insurance

C.D. Smith was awarded preconstruction and construction management services for SECURA Insurance’s new nearly 300,000 SF facility in the Village of Fox Crossing, which will serve as the company’s new corporate headquarters. The new facility will have immediate room for 900 employees and has been designed to accommodate future growth. 

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C.D. Smith has FAA licensed, trained and insured drone pilots on staff to support your all needs. Contact us for help in selecting a package that fits your requirements and project scope.


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Aerial Photography and Video

We offer clients flexible aerial solutions through high-quality photography and 4k video recording. This results in a stunning capture of real-time data, site development, and project progress at all project viewpoints. The best part is it comes at a fraction of the cost of a fixed construction camera or helicopter flight.


Orthomosaic Mapping

Offers highly detailed, up-to-date, overhead aerial photography of a large site with extreme quality and resolution, that can be exported to a true to scale PDF.

Elevation Mapping-1


Elevation Mapping

A comprehensive color-coded terrain model that identifies the elevational site data.



Textured 3D Model

Offers highly detailed, up-to-date, overhead aerial photography of a large site with extreme quality and resolution, that can be exported to a true to scale PDF.



Volume Measurement

Provides comprehensive, accurate, and cost-effective method of measuring and analyzing stockpiles and earthwork.



Point Clouds

Offers a 3D visualization made up of millions of georeferenced points. Point clouds are the simplest and most accurate way to capture reality in a 3D environment and can be used to track site progress against the planned construction schedule.

360 Photos

Provides interactive 360-degree photos of site surroundings that can highlight future lines of sight and skyline views, and can be shared via social media for mass marketing or sales.



Thermal Mapping

Illustrates color-coded temperature variances on surfaces. This imagery provides immediate data to target building enclosure heat loss problem areas quickly.



Site Survey

Achieve survey-grade accuracy site maps to help visualize design plans with actual site conditions and up-to-date grading contours at a fraction of the typical cost. Often used to make better-informed decisions on site selection and building placement.