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passion [ 'paSHen ] noun
a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something.

At C.D. Smith, we're passionate about construction. Whether we're building a symphony hall for culture and entertainment, hospitals for healing, schools for learning or industrial facilities for development and manufacturing, you can count on our passion for your project to shine through. We love what we do and believe that building trusting relationships with our customers, partners and our team is the strongest foundation of all.

THANK YOU for being part of our construction community now and in the future.

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There is no question we love construction. Driven by a true boots-on-the-ground mentality across leadership and our team, we’re the company that follows through. At C.D. Smith, we strive to consistently provide world-class service backed by generations of industry leadership and technical expertise. We achieve this through our commitment to best practices, unparalleled quality control, strong work ethic and safety-first approach to integrated project delivery.
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Through honesty, purpose, and commitment, our mission is to build lasting relationships with all team members, clients, project partners and trade partners that inspire progress and increase year over year financial performance. We are dedicated to safely delivering superior spaces where people work, play, live, learn, heal, create, worship, and serve.

Who We Are

C.D. Smith Construction is an industry leader in safely providing the highest quality commercial construction services. Utilizing an integrated approach and self-performing trade services combined with technical expertise, our team serves as a solutions provider throughout all phases of a project from planning through construction. With veteran leadership, and a dedication to our team members and clients, we proudly place our name on projects of all sizes across the United States.


Family Owned and Operated Since 1936

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