our sustainability
Reducing Environmental Impact


The roof of the C.D. Smith office building is topped with 94.08kW (294 panels) ballasted, solar photovoltaic system.
This system offsets our total electric energy consumption by 39.1%.


In 2013, C.D. Smith renovated a turn-of-the-century brick warehouse and converted it into a
state-of-the-art water business and research facility. The design of the renovation was driven by
sustainability and the building not only achieved LEED Silver certification but was the first
commercial building in the world to receive AWS certification.


To encourage healthy habits among our employees, spacious fitness facilities have been provided to allow
for a wide variety of workouts. Easily accessible and open staircases promote walking between floors,
a design feature that increases physical activity while further reducing the environmental impact of the building.


The floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the building provide employees with a connection to the natural
outdoor environment, a feature further enhanced by the native prairie grasses included in the landscaping.

Truth in Materials

Truth in materials is displayed throughout the building through the use of exposed concrete and reclaimed materials.

Raised Access Floors

In integrated, cost-effective approach to the distribution of power, voice, data, heating and air-conditioning
while providing interior space flexiblity and improved air quality.


In an effort to reduce waste that will end up in landfills, there are recycling bins in all
workstations and common areas. Additionally, each cafe is stocked with reusable drinkware for employee
and guest use, and water bottle filling stations are located throughout the building.


To help reduce potable water use, this facility is equipped with a selection of efficient plumbing fittings,
fixtures, and equipment. This includes low-flow faucets, shower heads,bathroom fixtures and Energy Star dishwashers,
creating a reduction in water usage greater than 35% and an estimated 60,000 gallons per year.


The curtain wall and glass design allow for daylight harvesting and the best practice to
light the space naturally.Combined with this smart building design are automatic lighting controls and
motorized roller shades to keep the lighting at optimum levels while maintaining high energy efficiency.

Reducing Environmental Impact with Our Sustainability at C.D. Smith Construction

Our corporate headquarters represents how we've set the next-generation standard for high-performance building design, construction and operations. Discover more by scrolling down to see how we're living green with LEED gold.

We're proud of the sustainable design and construction that went into our new headquarters. Key sustainable features include:

Powered by Solar | Atop of our new headquarters sits a 94kW ballasted solar photovoltaic system. The system features five SolarEdge Technologies Inc. inverters and (294) REC Group 320w modules. It is projected to offset an estimated up to 39.1% of our electric energy consumption. That’s saving over 93 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere each year!

Daylight Harvesting | Floor to ceiling, energy-efficient windows throughout the C.D. Smtih headquarters optimize daylight to reduce energy consumption by offsetting the amount of electricity lightly needed to properly light spaces in the building. 

Automated Building Controls | Tracking and metering systems allow for decreased operating costs, enhanced system performance, energy savings, increased comfort and increased building infrastructure control. 

Waste Reduction and Recycling | Reusable cups are located in cafes. Recycling Stations are located throughout the building, along with bottle filling stations. Office employees are making a valiant effort to go paperless.

Prairie in Progress | As a part of our green initiatives, C.D. Smith is practicing sustainable landscaping. Native planting takes two to three years to develop and requires maintenance for the plants to successfully establish. Maintenance may include mowing, weed management, and prescribed burning. The land surrounding the building will look different throughout the season and every year.


Achieving LEED Gold

We went for LEED Gold®, and now we're living green in the best possible way. According to the USGBC LEED Project Directory, the C.D. Smith Corporate Office is the first recognized LEED BD+C: New Construction-v4 Gold Certified building in Wisconsin, the next-generation standard for green building design, construction, operations and performance. 

The April 2020 announcement of our Gold level LEED certification positioned us as one of only nine buildings (to fulfill this building category's requirements) in the entire country. Discover more details about this amazing accomplishment and what drives our desire to meet the needs of sustainable building at the blog post: New Corporate Office Achieves LEED Gold® Certification.



C.D. Smith Construction Corporate Office

C.D. Smith Construction opened the doors to their new 50,000 SF Corporate Office in May of 2019. The new facility represents the company’s skills offered to clients in trades, sustainability and modern construction. From floor to ceiling, C.D. Smith’s self-performed trades are showcased through exposed steel beams, concrete board-form walls, floating repurposed wood staircases and polished concrete flooring. 

The C.D. Smith Corporate Office exemplifies next-generation standards for green building with efficient building materials and for its location, energy usage and indoor environmental quality. C.D. Smith’s new open-concept headquarters also features multiple work areas for collaboration, training and event space for 100+ people and two fitness rooms with 24/7 team member access.

Features include: 

  • 294 Solar Panels
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Sit-Stand Work Stations
  • 20 Conference Rooms
  • Virtual Design Construction Room + Resources
  • Floating Staircases with Reclaimed Wood
  • Light-Harvesting Shades
  • Fitness Center, Pilates Room + Locker Room
  • Bike Storage
  • Access to the Fond du Lac Loop Bike/Walking Trail
  • Patio featuring Bench Seating + Grill area
  • Surrounding Praire Growth
  • White Noise Cancelling System