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Virtual Design + Construction | Advancing Construction  Through Building Technology

At C.D. Smith Construction the virtual experience of building has arrived. Visualization through Virtual Design + Construction (VDC) can occur even before we break ground and is a helpful tool in decision-making throughout the design and construction journey.

A picture is worth 1,000 words. Imagine sharing with your community, board of directors, shareholders or employees the vision of your build on screen.

VISUALIZE YOUR BUILDING | What materials will be selected? Finishes, colors, lighting, and furnishings? Utilize time of day simulations and sun-shade studies to view natural light patterns as you select interiors. Exterior landscape, parking, covered porches - what are the options once you see your site during the changing of seasons? Plan your company’s branding placement, art displays, and guest tour paths. You can virtually walk through the building yourself.

PLAN THE LOGISTICS | Experience the construction from groundbreaking to topping off. Study your site to improve delivery access, visitor accessibility and parking. Alleviate traffic congestion and consider pedestrian safety and security concerns.

SELL YOUR BUILDING | See your project from an aerial perspective to narrow down a potential site, or to promote its progress or opening. Envision your future space with its real skyline's views. Sell your project to clients, customers, employees and investors by giving them the power to walk the anticipated space.

DOCUMENT YOUR BUILDING | Live construction cameras document the progress and offer time-lapse progression videos. With 360-degree photo documentation taken throughout the build, we offer the ability for facility managers to roll back time and view building components within the walls. As-built, 3D models allow the facility to be viewed, offering insight into future building development and maintenance. A laser scan brings the real world into a 3D virtual space, allowing the viewing and measurement of mechanical systems now hidden by floors and ceilings, and offers the best starting point for the next building design project.

The VDC team at C.D. Smith is leading the industry and has the technology you need to successfully plan, visualize, track, and promote your next project.

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World's tallest mass timber building construction: Ascent in Milwaukee

C.D. Smith Construction Ascent MKE Project Updates and Notifications | Latest Press and News from the Jobsite: Building the World's Tallest Mass Timber Tower

Ascent luxury apartments Milwaukee housing project updates from C.D. Smith Construction on tallest mass timber wood building.Photorealistic renderings courtesy of Korb + Associates

At 284 feet tall, Ascent MKE is poised to become the world's tallest mass timber structure. The 25-story residential tower will be home to 259 luxury apartments constructed on a six-story cast-in-place concrete parking structure. As one of the construction team leaders on this project, C.D. Smith ensures you of our commitment to safety and a positive experience throughout construction by being your source for the latest news and construction updates. Discover more information and stay current with the latest media news on this exciting project by visiting our Ascent MKE page.

Learn More about Ascent MKE Building the World's Tallest Mass Timber Tower


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