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Employee Spotlight: Jesse Steger

Date: Oct 15, 2020 10:41:00 AM | Author: Mercedes Tucker
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On Wednesday, September 30, the best masons in Wisconsin came together to test their skill, speed and stamina at the annual SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500® Wisconsin Regional Series!  C.D. Smith Mason Foreman, Jesse Steger, put his skills to the test and competed for Wisconsin's Best Bricklayer title. With only one hour complete, participants battled to see who could build the best 26-foot-long brick wall with precision craftsmanship.

Eleven teams of masons and tenders lined the arena at Fond du Lac Stone in Fond du Lac, WI ready to prove they're the region's best craftsmen. Contestants were given two hours to set up their starter courses and then one hour to lay as many bricks as possible.  The winner was determined by a judging panel that detracted bricks from the total number of bricks laid based on workmanship infractions.

A cornerman for battle, Dustin Adelmeyer mason tended for Jesse by preparing grout, staging bricks and cheering him on.  When the last bell rang, contestants set their trowels down and the judges made final brick counts. Using a duel bricklaying technique, Jesse Steger laid 380 bricks!

While the walls were being judged, Jesse helped mason tend for the JR Bricklayers (Mason Apprentices). " I ended up being the mason tender for the winning JR, which was really neat!" Jesse shared.

The judges completed their assessments and the results were in. As a first-time participant, 380 bricks made Jesse a strong contender, but it wouldn't be enough to claim a title this year. Jesse was never discouraged, though, saying, "I enjoyed the thrill of competing against other bricklayers and look forward to competing again next year!"

On a closing note, Jesse shared, "I’d like to thank Dan Neuens from SPEC MIX and Brett King from Natural Stone Veneer for inviting me to compete. Also to Dustin Adelmeyer for being my mason tender."

Great job Jesse! We can't wait to see you take first next year!

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