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Project Spotlight: Nakoosa Trail

Date: Mar 17, 2020 10:47:00 AM | Author: Nick Beil
  • Nakoosa Trail Fleet Fire Radio Shop Facility - March 2020 - 006
  • Nakoosa Trail Fleet Fire Radio Shop Facility - March 2020 - 001
  • Nakoosa Trail Fleet Fire Radio Shop Facility - March 2020 - 002
  • Nakoosa Trail Fleet Fire Radio Shop Facility - March 2020 - 004
  • Nakoosa Trail Fleet Fire Radio Shop Facility - March 2020 - 005
  • Nakoosa Trail Fleet Fire Radio Shop Facility - March 2020 - 003

Nakoosa Trail Fleet, Fire and Radio Shop Facility is under construction, on schedule to be turned over to the City of Madison in early fall of 2020. The project team, led by Project Manager Nick Beil and Superintendent Andy Leonard, is working hard to deliver a superior space for the City of Madison to provide light, medium and heavy vehicle service and repair spaces for the city’s public safety, police, emergency vehicles, public works vehicles and equipment, fire apparatus and other service automobiles.

At the height of construction, over 26 C.D. Smith employees were on site alongside 50 subcontracted workers, keeping the project on schedule. Recently, the interior 125,000 square feet of the building slab-on-grade concrete was poured while MEP rough-ins and steel, studs and drywall were being completed. The start of the interior finishes has begun including painting, mezzanine staircases and railings. Next, the interior mechanicals for shop equipment for overhead cranes and vehicle lifts will be installed. The interior of the space will consist of:

  • 2 large equipment lifts
  • 2 overhead cranes
  • 7 smaller lifts
  • 25 bays to service vehicles and equipment
  • 2 bays specifically designed for pressure washing
  • Employee offices
  • Kitchenette space
  • Employee locker rooms
  • Employee lounge space

The construction on the exterior of the building currently consists of building envelope and roofing. The roof will consist of standing seam metal, with a variety of levels at a slope, creating an aesthetically pleasing view of the building. Additionally, the roof will have over 400 solar panels installed on it, enabling the site to save energy. On the south-side exterior wall, a solar wall has been designed. The solar wall allows the outside air to be pre-heated, decreasing the amount of energy required to bring the air to room temperature.

This project brought a unique set of challenges for the interior floor concrete pour. The building is designed to have in-floor heating which does not allow for trucks and heavy equipment to be driving on it prior to the concrete pour. Andy and his team adapted to the situation and poured over 90% of the concrete with conveyors. Although this may sound tedious and inefficient, the large overhead doors that are part of the building allowed for easy access, and “made life a little easier,” said Andy.  

On the project, C.D. Smith was able to self-perform concrete, masonry, steel erection, rough carpentry and finishing installation. Additional unique self-performed items included a vehicle exhaust system, an interior solar wall, decorative metal, solar water heaters, slab-on-grade concrete as well as painting.

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