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Spring Cleaning & Chainsaw Safety

Date: Apr 3, 2020 11:10:14 AM | Author: Mercedes Tucker
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Spring is here! The temperatures are warming up, birds are chirping and April is the prime time to get lawns and gardens back into shape.  While most Americans are self-quarantining in their homes and abiding by Safer at Home orders, it certainly does not mean we can't get outside and enjoy our own outdoor spaces.   

You are probably tallying up all the chores that need to get done in your yard. Over the winter, leaves and debris likely have built up under bushes and along fence lines. Winter storms may have caused fallen limbs and sticks to scatter across the yard. But before you get started on your outdoor to-do list, make sure you take appropriate safety precautions. 

Common outdoor yard work this time of year includes removing dead or fallen trees with a chain saw. Before you start chipping away, be sure you inspect your chain saw and service it as needed.  

Perform a quick three-point safety check and ask yourself: 

  1. Tighten + Sharpen the Chain 
    • Is the chain sharp and undamaged?  
    • Is the chain tensioned correctly?   
  2. Keep it Clean + Lubricated 
    • Are the bar grooves and oil passages clean and free of debris?
    • Do the clutch drum bearings need lubrication? 
  3. Monitor Safety Features
    • Is the chain break in operational condition?
    • Is the chain catcher damaged and needing to be replaced? 

You should always review and familiarize yourself with your chainsaw's operator's manual for a complete list of maintenance routines and safety inspections. By taking the appropriate time to ensure your chainsaw is in operational condition, you will keep yourself safe and your yard looking great. 


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