New Addition to Heavy Equipment Fleet

300-ton Construction Crane

C.D. Smith's 300-Ton Crane | Impressive New Addition to Construction and Heavy Equipment Fleet



Construction cranes are feats of structural engineering, and the Link-Belt 300-ton 348 Series 2 is a prime example with impressive stats. The maximum boom height is 430 feet - about 1.2 times the length of a football field. Its luffing jib can reach out up to 351 feet (just nine feet shy of a football field). Construction cranes are designed to accomplish a lengthy reach at great heights, supported only by a narrow steel-frame mast, a heavy-duty foundation and several counterweights. A lattice crawler crane of this size is especially impressive.


With an operating weight of nearly 520,200 pounds (the equivalent of ~55 elephants), the 348 Series 2 is the biggest lattice crawler crane made by Link-Belt. If you haven't gotten out of Wisconsin lately, you probably haven't seen one. Out of all privately-owned or rental companies operating Link-Belt cranes, this is the first Link-Belt 348 Series 2 in the Dairy State.

300-ton Lattice Crawler Construction Crane Added to Heavy Equipment Fleet with Full Project Schedule for C.D. Smith Operators

Construction cranes perform hundreds of lifts over the course of a commercial project. A crane of this size can be used to move almost anything on the jobsite, from setting forms and pouring concrete to moving steel and huge precast concrete (utilizing up to a 351-foot luffing jib reach) into place to perform the building assembly.

300-ton Lattice Crawler Construction Crane Added to Heavy Equipment Fleet with Full Project Schedule for C.D. Smith Operators

A crane of this size is a new first for C.D. Smith. We've never had a 300-ton crane in our fleet until now. Only the best, most experienced heavy equipment operators run a crane of this size. And our crane operators will be putting in many hours on this one. The Link-Belt 348 Series 2 is already scheduled for work this entire year and is highly sought-after. It'll be rare for it not to be on a jobsite.

Date: Feb 25, 2021  | Author: Cory Schultz


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