Preconstruction Innovation

Case Study: SECURA Insurance

Preconstruction CASE STUDY: Secura Insurance

“The project team at C.D. Smith responsible for working on project scope, and then helping us determine the overall budget for the project, was unmatched,” said Garth Wicinsky, Chief Operating Officer and future President & CEO for SECURA. “That’s a strong statement for certain, especially when you consider taking a 160-acre cornfield and turning it into a 300,000 square foot headquarters that included N+1 type of redundancy and being within 3% of your overall total maximum budget (we were under) - it’s a remarkable feat.”

Virtual Design and Trade Coordination Illustration of Secura Insurance Corporate Office by C.D. Smith


C.D. Smith Construction Vice President Jasen Anhalt


“The first six months of a project determines its overall success. In this critical timeframe, decisions will be made that affect the next 50 years in the building’s lifecycle. That is why our team is all in for our clients. We bring all the players together to align the client’s vision for the project. This integrated delivery approach eliminates redundant layers and creates an accurate, transparent and swift process that gives our clients all the information they need to make key business decisions that will last a lifetime.”


Jasen Anhalt, Vice President for C.D. Smith

During the preconstruction phase of the insurance company's new home office project, C.D. Smith worked closely with SECURA and the design team to determine the best placement of the building on the greenfield site that would optimize passive sustainable strategies, such as sun orientation, to best manage daylighting and natural ventilation and reduce energy requirements for the building. The position that would maximize building efficiencies also affected the neighboring roadways as well as a DNR conservation easement. The project team worked with Winnebago County to develop viable solutions to improve traffic flow and collaborated with the DNR to relocate the easement. As a result, an environmentally conscious, sustainable site layout was established while also improving commuter traffic.

SECURA Insurance Companies Corporate Headquarters entry and reception area

“During the preconstruction planning efforts, C.D. Smith did an excellent job keeping all stakeholders informed. They worked collaboratively with us to explore options and ensured our commitment to our policyholders, agents, employees and the Fox Valley community stayed top of mind. Most importantly, their people not only fit our culture, but they became a part of it as well.”

Dave Gross, President & CEO (Retiring in 2022)
SECURA Insurance

SECURA Insurance Companies Corporate Headquarters' basketball court

Click on the below link to learn more about SECURA Insurance Companies' Corporate Headquarters by going to the PROJECT PROFILE page on our website or discover the meaning behind SECURA Insurances' Home Office WELL Certified™ Gold status with a review of THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WELL + LEED


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