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Progress Tracking/Status Updates | How we keep you connected to the progress on the jobsite

C.D. Smith employs various construction technologies to keep you updated with the progress happening on your building. We keep you connected remotely from wherever you are located.


Side-by-side timelapse view of interior office construction in StructionSite to reveal as-built components after covered

Keeping connected to the jobsite’s progress can be done through many means. Drone flights offer stunning visuals and construction cameras provide a live stream of the current activities on the site.

The experience is optimized with 360-degree photography services. It's like walking the jobsite without physically being there. Viewers are instantly taken to an interactive view of the space by logging in on a computer or mobile device. This information can prove invaluable during facility management. The information is archived and time-stamped, allowing facility managers to view spaces without ceilings, drywall, insulation or access flooring. They can see all of the as-built building's components that are now covered up.



Drone Captures


00:00 The Ascent Project | Milwaukee, WI

00:43 Fastenal Office Building | Winona, MN

01:27 School Example

02:07 Rite-Hite Global Headquarters | Milwaukee, WI

02:51 C.D. Smith Office | La Crosse, WI


Bird's-Eye View

There’s no better way to see an eagle-eye perspective of a project than through flyovers. However, hopping on a plane to capture jobsite photos and video is costly and inefficient.

Drone-captured aerial photos and video offer flexible and customizable perspectives and insights that stationary cameras simply cannot capture. We help you show off the breathtaking scenic views and neighborhood context that future tenants will admire, as well as the interior finishes progress. C.D. Smith can collaborate with your marketing personnel for video post-production and branding needs. Many of our clients like to receive progress updates in this format for:

• Board of directors updates
• Marketing/Promotional videos
• Public awareness
• Tenant sales

Virtual Design and Construction VDC Drone Pilot across river in Milwaukee by Rite-Hite for aerial project Update with CD Smith

Aerial drones have been advancing how stakeholders access visual data on jobsites. Drones capture perspectives and angles in a safe, easy and efficient manner, allowing stakeholders to visualize and analyze the progress of their jobsite virtually.  

As an added service, our licensed drone pilots collaborate with clients and project managers to incorporate drone technology into the construction workflow, from weekly flyover project updates to visually stunning jobsite photography and video for client marketing usage.  

For more on what we can do with drones, visit our Drone Solutions page at


Construction Cameras

Many clients like to stay connected to their building projects via live-streaming cameras. This cuts down on trips to the site by all stakeholders and helps better plan when to make visits at critical times. It also offers transparency, accountability, and can assist in public relations. These cameras can often zoom, pan and tilt for an owner logging into them, to peer into the site in great detail. At the end of the project, owners and their marketing teams love the timelapse videos of the building construction sped up.


360 Degree Photos & Video

Capturing construction progress photos has been a standard part of the project delivery process for years. Today, C.D. Smith is placing even more emphasis on this task to assist with quality control, limit risks, update stakeholders on construction progress and document as-built conditions.

360° Photo Documentation

While construction cameras record the progress happening on a building’s exterior (structure and enclosure), once a building is enclosed and work starts to commence on the interior space, another method to see progress internally is needed. That is where 360-degree photo captures or site walks come in.

We utilize Structionsite to take 360° photo documentation tied to the floor plans. Instead of still shots for every corner of the room, one snapshot or walk-through using a 360° camera captures the entire room with a date stamp and pins it to a specific location on the plan.

Virtual Design and Construction VDC StructionSite Side-by-Side Progress Photos from Update with CD Smith

360° photos allow stakeholders to view a jobsite without physically being there. Through a computer or mobile device, a user can log in and click on any room on the floor plan and is instantly taken to an interactive view of the space as constructed to date.

Our clients appreciate being able to watch their building progress from wherever they happen to be. 

Perfect Recall

The split-view allows users to compare what the project looks like today against what it looked like weeks ago or against what the coordinated construction model shows will be going there. 

A few of the benefits of 360 progress photos are:
Location-based progress updates – A team member on site can walk the site and have the path automatically tether to the floorplan, so you can click anywhere along the path and see the project’s progress in 360 degrees. Looking at the floorplan you can choose any room to see updates or even roll back to an earlier time within the same space.
Remote Punchlist – Note issues for the field team to address within the 360 photos and notifications will be sent to the field crew.
OAC Meeting Visuals – When owners, architects and contractors meet to review the status of the project and resolve issues, they can view a PDF with hyperlinks to the areas of concern, or filter the plan for images with a specific OAC tag.
Facility Management – Historical information and archived data can prove invaluable during facility management. At the end of the project, clients can download a PDF of all captured 360 photos throughout the project hyperlinked to floorplans. They can click on any space on the PDF and roll back to any date to see the space without ceilings, drywall, insulation, or access flooring, and view all the as-built building’s components that are now covered up.


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