green bay railyards - headway headquarters

The tenant improvements for the Headway HQ build-out includes turning a white box space into a fresh and functional space featuring several new offices with solid glass walls and doors, call rooms, and break room, and a state-of-the-art media room with special acoustical treatments for performing high quality sound/recording activities.
The core and shell of the building is structural concrete with polished concrete floors, and that solid industrial look paired with the office spaces with solid glass and high quality lighting fixtures brought a unique pairing of new and old. The most interesting aspect of the space was definitely the media room for performing high-quality sound recordings; in addition to the multiple insulated stud walls, all walls were treated with acoustical sealant from top to bottom, the doorways received special gasketing and drop seals, all overhead HVAC ductwork and stormwater piping received insulation to deter noises, and all outlet boxes were sealed with acoustical putty pads. 

Features include: 

  • Solid glass walls + doors
  • Call Rooms
  • Special Acoustic media recording room
  • Polished Concrete Floors
  • Overhead HVAC