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Project Table Talk: Celebrating Women in Construction with C.D. Smith

Date: Mar 11, 2022 12:05:43 PM | Author: Tracy Lisowe

The Fond du Lac Area Women's Fund's mission is to facilitate BOLD change for Fond du Lac area women and girls. Their four foundational pillars include economic self-sufficiency; education; leadership development; safety, dignity and freedom from violence. Engagement of women in philanthropy, advocacy for gender equality within systems and fostering community understanding are critical to their mission. 

They fill their YouTube channel with content in support of carrying out their mission. The Project Table Talk series brings local women (and men!) together to discuss issues and showcase successes. Their most recent episode (video embedded below) took place during 2022 National Women in Construction (WIC) Week and highlighted Women in Construction. C.D. Smith's Amy Schneider, Project Engineer, and Sara Wright, Project Manager; passionately talked about their careers and the exciting opportunities in the construction industry now and in the future.



WIC Week's focus is to highlight women and their roles in the construction industry. From the jobsite to the board room, women contribute to strategic decision-making, preconstruction, project management, estimating, field labor, engineering and more.

"We are proud to have doubled the number of women working at C.D. Smith over the past four years," says Connie Coon, VP of HR. "We are on a journey of building a more diverse and inclusive workforce that includes women and represents our community and those for which we work."

Amy and Sara did an exemplary job representing women in the industry and C.D. Smith Construction on the WIC Week episode of Project Table Talk. We appreciate bringing awareness to women everywhere, on and off the jobsite, to 'Envision Equity' during Women in Construction (WIC) Week and beyond.

Date: March 11, 2022 | Author: Tracy Lisowe


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*Note: Video description (below) is credited to the Fond du Lac Area Women's Fund and sourced from the YouTube video description as published on March 10, 2022.

About This Show
In recognition of national Women in Construction Week, we brought in two women from C.D. Smith Construction to discuss their paths in this traditionally male-dominated vocation. As part of our Women's Fund's commitment to its leadership development pillar, we strive to bring forth information that will advance women's leadership - especially related to fields where women have not had as much opportunity for success.

Having this conversation with these two local women made so much sense because, according to a report released in 2021 by, only 10% of the construction industry is populated by women. That percentage includes administrative and office roles, as well as field employees. So what drew these women to their roles as project engineer and project manager and what advice would they have for other women or girls dreaming about taking this path?

About Our Guests
Amy Schneider earned a Bachelor of Arts in Agricultural Studies at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. In 2017, Amy joined C.D. Smith Construction as a project coordinator; the next year she was promoted to a project engineer. Her daily duties include assisting project managers and superintendents with schedules, budgets and coordination to ensure the best build possible. She works in the office and on the jobsite. Amy has worked on numerous projects, including SECURA Insurance and Acuity. She is currently working at Mercury Marine in Fond du Lac and Columbus HS. She enjoys her work and the support and training she has received from her team.

Sara Wright is a project manager at C.D. Smith. She has served as a project engineer, assistant project manager and now project manager in the past four years. Sara studied at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and earned a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Construction Management. Sara takes pride in working on local projects such as Waupun Christian Home, St. Agnes Hospital and SSM Health Beaver Dam. Currently, she is working on projects at Mercury Marine in Fond du Lac and the Columbus School District referendum in Columbus. Sara encourages women interested in construction to reach out and job shadow others in the field to see firsthand the rewarding career path available in construction industry.

About This Series
Project Table Talk is designed to bring local women (and men!) together to talk on topics that may have historically been whispered in hushed tones between best friends over the kitchen table.

No more! As in Fond du Lac Says No More, an initiative led by the FDLA Women's Fund in partnership with Solutions Center, ASTOP, SSM Health DV Services and the Fond du Lac Police Department to raise awareness and action surrounding domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse/neglect. Although the majority of PTT topics will focus on FDL Says No More topics, we will also sprinkle in other talks that may align more with one of our other foundational pillars: economic self-sufficiency; leadership development; education; and women's health and well-being.

Join us as we not only tackle some serious topics, but showcase some of the amazing women (and men!) leading the way to facilitate BOLD CHANGE for Fond du Lac area women and girls.


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