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Project Update: Grace Lutheran Church and School

Date: Jul 21, 2020 9:45:32 AM | Author: Todd Wunderlich
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Completion around the corner!

The Grace Lutheran Church and School project, set to be complete in August, consists of a 13,249 SF addition and 28,889 SF of renovations to existing facilities.

The two-story addition features a secure entrance lobby that can be accessed from the street, an elevator, and a hallway leading to the existing school. The first floor of the addition features 3K and 4K classrooms, as well as an After School Care Room. The second floor houses 3rd, 4th, 7th, and 8th-grade classrooms, and a ramp connecting the addition to the existing school. 

In the existing school, C.D. Smith completely gutted and remodeled five classrooms, a meeting room, sick room, and all of the offices, including the pastor's, principal's, and staff offices, all while maintaining day-to-day operations. Our crews worked alongside Grace Lutheran's staff to clean out classrooms and organize a schedule to keep the renovations on track.


A Uniquely Challenging Project

A unique challenge of this project involved remodeling the narthex of the church. Structurally, this area was not sound. The team onsite had to install temporary shoring until it was structurally engineered. LVL beams and steel lintels were added to support the existing roof and masonry.

Due to the layout of the building, another challenge presented itself in getting equipment and materials into the school. A lot of the work was done by hand, which normally would have been completing using specific equipment. 

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