Save Time, Money and the Environment
Prefabricated Building Materials


Prefabricated Building Materials Save Time, Money and the Environment

The decision to use prefabricated materials when constructing a commercial building is an excellent way to make a conscious effort to sustainably source materials through sustainable construction practices and save time and money. Prefabrication provides precise measurements, preventing material waste. Furthermore, unused raw materials can be recycled into other prefabricated materials. In return, prefabrication becomes a cost-effective option for owners through the elimination of waste. Prefabricated materials include structural steel decking, structural wall panels, panelized walls, panelized floors and panelized roofs.

Prefabricated materials are constructed in a factory, which inherently allows for a more consistent product and improved quality control. This is because they are built in an enclosed space protected from exterior elements. Additionally, prefabricated materials are assembled on a production line, often with specialized individuals performing the same functions during construction. As a result, the assembly line process is highly efficient, reducing production time and improving overall quality control with skilled laborers focusing on specific tasks.

Prefabricated Building Materials & panelized commercial construction projects for green building time & money savings

When the prefabricated material is ready to go to the final construction site for installation, there are even more benefits. For starters, installation of prefabricated materials is more efficient, often cutting the construction time by 30% to 40% on the jobsite. The shortened construction schedule saves time and money on labor. Prefabrication also typically requires a smaller workforce for installation, saving the owner even more on labor costs. Prefabricated materials also lessen the environmental impact during construction by reducing air, water and noise pollution caused by a construction project.

So the next time you are considering a job, ask yourself, could this be an opportunity to use prefabrication to save time, money and the environment?

Date: June 17, 2021 | Author: Mercedes Tucker


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Self-Perform Work

We Self-Perform. You Benefit.

Self-performing design-build general contractor firm C.D. Smith commercial construction trades.

C.D. Smith uses self-performing construction capabilities to streamline project scheduling and construction services by applying our own talented, skilled tradespeople to your commercial construction project. By eliminating the need to hire third-party contractors, C.D. Smith is in direct control of the project schedule and quality of work for a safe jobsite yielding the best possible results.

Self-perform work C.D. Smith Construction industry lead general contractor construction trades skilled labor precast concrete erection

Precast Erection (pictured above) and Steel Erection (pictured below) are niche offerings. They're fabricated off-site and assembled on a jobsite. The columns and beams are professionally set in place with strict guidelines for safety and endurance.

Self-perform work C.D. Smith Construction industry lead general contractor construction trades skilled labor structural steel erection

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C.D. Smith Construction is an industry leader in safely providing the highest quality commercial construction services. Utilizing an integrated approach and self-performing trade services combined with technical expertise, our team serves as a solutions provider throughout all phases of a project, from planning through construction. With veteran leadership and a dedication to our employees and clients, we proudly place our name on projects of all sizes across the United States.

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Our commitment to holistically enhancing the current and future environmental, economic and societal well-being of the communities in which we live, work and play begins with education. We have a team devoted to understanding the difference between green building and a sustainable built environment. Our team will help you weigh the financial and business impacts of building green through a sustainable approach to make the most informed decisions. Join us in our commitment to creating better-performing buildings by increasing sustainable construction practices. It’s more than a trend… it’s the right thing to do!

Our Sustainability

We went for LEED Gold®, and now we're living green in the best possible way. According to the USGBC LEED Project Directory, the C.D. Smith Corporate Office is the first recognized LEED BD+C: New Construction-v4 Gold Certified building in Wisconsin, the next-generation standard for green building design, construction, operations and performance.

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Through a proactive safety program, strict standards and our Think Safe. Work Safe.® mentality, we've built a solid culture where safety is our number one priority day in and day out.

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C.D. Smith supports many local organizations through sponsorship programs and monetary donations in our community and in the communities with which we work. In the past 10 years, we have donated over $4 million to businesses and organizations throughout the state of Wisconsin, from small community clubs to large non-profit organizations.

Building community is the foundation of our organization. By supporting community initiatives, economic growth and development, we feel privileged to help ensure our team members have solid places to live, work, volunteer, serve and play.

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Our self-perform capabilities are a direct result of our talented team members' skilled trade career paths in the communities in which we live and work.

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