Historic Restoration Construction Renovation
Galloway House and Village


Historic Restoration Construction and Renovation Improvements to Galloway House and Village

The Fond du Lac County Historical Society Galloway House & Village Renovation Construction and Grand Reopening

The Fond du Lac County Historical Society has been serving the community for over 70 years. In 1948, history-minded Fond du Lac County residents gathered on Wisconsin's 100th birthday to discuss how to better showcase our county's rich history. They decided to organize what is now known as the Fond du Lac County Historical Society to preserve and make available the history of our county.

In 1955, the historical society was gifted an 1865 Victorian Mansion and Carriage House through a generous donation by Edwin P. Galloway and his family. This was the first piece of our timeless treasure, the Galloway House and Village.

Throughout the next few decades, the Galloway House and Village has grown to over 30 buildings and landmarks that once served residents at various locations throughout our County. In addition to our Victorian mansion, visitors can enjoy our museum, schoolhouse, dress shop, church, log cabin, firehouse, vet office, print shop, and town hall, to name a few.

Today, the Fond du Lac County Historical Society is at an exciting crossroads in our mission of connecting people to history by inspiring passion, preservation, exploration, and fun.

Through our partnership with CD Smith Construction, we have finished renovations and restoration work from our $1.6 million capital campaign that will instill new energy into our Historic Galloway House and Village.

Through this transformational campaign, we have restored the Galloway House and most of the other structures on our Village grounds. The new foundations, window, siding, and flooring replacement; roof and chimney repairs, fresh siding and painting; newly paved sidewalks and a drainage system will allow us to showcase our buildings and exhibits for decades to come.

And as we welcome back visitors to our grounds this summer, they'll be greeted by a brand new stone entrance complemented by our new ornamental fencing. These changes, both eye-appealing and deeply engaging, will also improve accessibility and functionality while allowing us to keep Fond du Lac County History alive and relevant.

"We want to see the Village become a premier attraction and center of learning and exploration in Fond du Lac. Serving the community is more than just having a dynamic facility that celebrates Fond du Lac County's history. It is our goal to build on these capital improvements and position the Society into a more modern, accessible and practical organization that showcases our local history in new, immersive and innovative ways." - Ben Giles, Executive Director, Fond du Lac County Historical Society.

Join us for our grand opening this summer on May 29th and 30th to see our renovated and restored Galloway House and Village. Our opening season runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day, Wednesday through Sunday. This summer, scoop some ice cream at our 73rd ice cream social, hang out at our nights in the village with live music and adult refreshments, and check out our new temporary exhibit, The Last 50 Years of Fondy.

Your continued support allows us to preserve our local history for generations to come. For when we remember and honor the past, we build a brighter future. Thank you, and see you this summer.



Galloway House Historic Restoration Construction Renovation Commercial Project C.D. Smith Construction Building Contractor

Tuckpointed masonry with new hatch door built by C.D. Smith

Nineteen buildings were recently renovated and restored as part of the Galloway House and Village's restoration and renovation project. Restoration work was completed by C.D. Smith Construction, Spies Painting (Galloway House and gazebo) and Schneider and Schneider LLC (painting), Rammer Fence, Thome Electric and Baumhardt Sand & Gravel for grading and seeding. Renovations and improvements included new foundations, painting, siding, roof repairs, porch/entry restoration, flooring replacement and chimney, railing, window and door replacements. 

Galloway House Historic Restoration Construction Renovation Commercial Project C.D. Smith Construction Building Contractor

Multiple buildings needed to be lifted for foundation replacements. Several photos were taken showing the heavy-duty lifting jacks used to raise the structures and perform necessary improvements.

Galloway House Historic Restoration Construction Renovation Commercial Project C.D. Smith Construction Building Contractor

C.D. Smith is greatly appreciative of the partnership created and developed with the Fond du Lac County Historical Society over the past two years. We're proud to announce that the restoration and renovation work performed will be showcased at a grand re-opening on May 29 and 30.

Galloway House Historic Restoration Construction Renovation Commercial Project C.D. Smith Construction Building Contractor

The Fond du Lac Reporter published an article on May 11th about the restoration, renovation and upcoming celebration; Galloway House & Village plans celebration for $1.6 million makeover. The historical society's executive director, Ben Giles, is quoted as saying, “We are ready to unveil these improvements to the public to show that not only are we a revitalized, dynamic village, we are also a cutting edge non-profit that aims to connect people to history through preservation, passion, education, and fun."

Click to the Fond du Lac Reporter article or the Fond du Lac Historical Society web page for the Galloway House and Village Grand Reopening to purchase tickets and join in the excitement of the reopening celebration. The event will feature live music, food and drink, and other entertainment as well as a unique living history experience throughout the newly restored and renovated buildings and grounds of the village.

Date: May 12, 2021 | Author: Sara Wright


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